I stopped at the park to check on the Boy the other day and noticed something: there were very few girls. There may have been one or two but fairly young and a very watchful adult eye.

All the rest of kids were boys. They varied in age, from maybe 7 to young adult. They all seemed to know each other and were obviously free-range.

And it struck me. Where are all the girls? The boys get to be free-range and the girls get locked away in the house?

I started thinking back to the other parks, the other free-range kids I’ve noticed. All boys. Not a single girl to be found riding her bike or scooter…hanging out with other girls…hanging out with the boys…

So I asked the Boy about it. He could only name two girls he’s played with at the park, one he says is always hurting herself, the other only showed up once.

It pained me to think of the girls who live in my condo community, who aren’t allowed to go outside the gate without an adult. But where do they play then? Because I rarely see or hear them outside on the weekends.

Makes me sad to think of the boys growing up free-range and all the girls being helicopter parented. Imagine the disconnect that will create.