Kimberlee is a content marketer rockstar! It’s a dream to work with her as she meets deadlines and her writing is consistently on-point. Kimberlee is a curious and passionate writer who enjoys taking on any challenge! She is well-versed in all things related to social media, digital marketing and business.

Maria Rodriguez

Storyteller, Marketing Director, Open Influence

Kimberlee is a talented writer, storyteller and content strategist. She’s worked with StoryBound on a number of articles, blogs and other content for our clients and always delivers top notch work. I highly recommend Kimberlee for brands looking to make an impact with their content marketing.

David Henderson

CEO & Founder, Storybound Communications

I can’t say enough positive things about Kimberlee! From the get go she was super easy to work with, an amazing resource and her writing is stellar. I own a PR firm and am eager to work with Kimberlee again with one of our other clients. She knows her stuff!

Evie Smith

Founder, Lead Publicist, Rebelious PR & Consulting

Kimberlee is a rock star writer and one of our secret weapons. Smart, knowledgeable and responsive; she helped us deliver across multiple territories and worked with execs whose first language was not English, seamlessly translating their ideas into eloquent pros. She delivered to deadline, was organised and always thorough. Kimberlee is also a lovely person, which always helps when working under pressure. A great marketing partner.

Sarah Whitfield

CMO & C-Level Advisor

Kimberlee has an uncanny ability to see what a project needs, even before the idea is fully hatched. During my time at the Freedom Writer’s Foundation, I worked with Kimberlee to develop content that was not only clear and concise, but that also sparked an emotional response in people, so that they may be inspired to donate to our organization. Despite the tight deadline, Kimberlee was able to marry our ideas with her own expertise, and deliver a great fundraising email to our database of more than 40,000 people.  I can’t wait to work with Kimberlee again.
Sonia Pineda

Production Coordinator, River Road Entertainment

Kimberlee is an AMAZING writer and marketer. Quick. Smart. Thoughtful. Collaborative. Engaging. One of my secret weapons.
Joseph Cole

Vice President, Marketing, Hubble by

Kimberlee is an outstanding writer with client-care as the cornerstone of her service. She listens, then she delivers — every time. Our company regards her work as being the highest standard and we feel lucky to be working with her. Kimberlee is therefore a key person within our content team.

Dr. Ioan Rees

Chief Executive Officer, Sycol

Kimberlee is a pleasure to work with. Her understanding of the marketing industry and approach made it easy to bounce ideas back and forth, and put together great articles and content.
Eric Dahan

Co-Founder, CEO, Open Influence

Kimberlee is a great writer with the ability to quickly understand a new subject and help her clients frame their thoughts in a manner fit for being published!
Jeb Ory

Co-Founder, CEO, Phone2Action

Kimberlee was one of my most talented writers with Adweek’s Social Times. She was able to cover a wide variety of topics, providing clear and concise copy that performed well when shared socially. She’s motivated, on-task, a clear communicator and would make a welcome addition to any publication or site.
Justin Lafferty

In-Game Social Media Coordinator, San Diego Padres

It was a pleasure working with Kimberlee. Kimberlee has an abundance of energy and creativity. She was aware of deadlines and commitments and always delivered. Kimberlee is not satisfied with the status quo. She is ambitious and curious; constantly seeking to make an impact and learn more.
Hal Halladay

Executive in Residence

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