Kimberlee Morrison

Executive Ghostwriter | Freelance B2B Copywriter

Building Influence Through

Content Marketing

You’re a business leader bursting with big ideas. You’d love to share those ideas on your company blog or become an expert contributor to your favorite business and trade publications. You even got the green light on an article you pitched.

Now the hard part: finding time to write.

Instead of wasting time stressing over that impending deadline, or letting your blog languish without updates for weeks or months at a time, hire a ghostwriter like me to do the hard part for you.

I’ll work with you to turn your ideas into high-quality content that shows off industry expertise, attracts leads, and turns prospects into paying customers.

As a journalist and ghostwriter with more than a decade of experience, I’ve written hundreds of articles on software, leadership and marketing. I’ve also worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs to get their ideas published in top tier business publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CMO, Fortune, Fast Company and Inc.

With me as your ghostwriter, you can become the prolific thought leader you always wanted to be.

We should work together if…

high-quality articles

You need a ghostwriter to turn your ideas into high-quality articles for top business publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune, and Entrepreneur.

white papers educate b2b customers
You want to educate your B2B customers and show off your industry expertise with well researched and authoritative white papers.
thought leadership
You need an experienced copywriter to craft compelling copy for native ads and sponsored posts for mobile and digital publications. 
case studies drive sales

You want to use case studies to drive sales by highlighting how your product or service helps customers solve problems and get results.

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