Today I almost got myself killed.


You think you’re freaking out, what about me? My neck hurts and my nerves are shot for the night.

I’ve talked about how I sometimes having my bike means I might miss the bus. There’s space for two bikes. If there are two on the rack already, I can wait for the next, or ride and hope to keep up until another biker gets off.

Today, I decided to ride. Not only did I keep up, I got ahead.

In fact I was riding so aggressively, I missed a turn, cut across on the sidewalk going the wrong way down a one way road, tried to beat a light and ended up riding into oncoming traffic.

That’s right: I rode into oncoming traffic.

I was already out there by the time I realized my mistake. All I could do is scream and swerve and hope the drivers saw me in front of their bumpers.

And thank fuck they did.

But I was totally in the wrong and learned my lesson about trying to beat lights on my bike.

Oh…did I mention that I wasn’t wearing a helmet?


I almost died.

Don’t tell me I’m being dramatic, you weren’t there!

Ok…I’m going to lay down now.