The boys had been at the pool and returned early because the little one fell and hit his head. He had been running. He knows better. I gave him the look.

Right away he starts crying about how his brother was chasing him and…Then the brother cuts in with no he wasn’t and suddenly the little is growling, turning red, flexing his little muscles while breathing in big huffs. I was seriously afraid he was going to pop something.

I’ve seen him get all worked up and frustrated because he feels like no one is listening. And with two older boys around who like to play the dozens and make a joke of everything he does because he’s younger, the little has a hard time communicating sometimes.

A few deep breaths later, he wiped away his tears and I gave him my undivided attention so he could speak his piece. As I expected, he began to ramble about the brother chasing him and the uncle laughing at him and no one listens…And crying and huffing again.

He backed into the corner and huffed and puffed and yelled, “Everyone makes me angry!”

I laughed and he shrieked.

I told him I was sorry but he was being ridiculous. His brother had apologized for making fun of him and the uncle for laughing at him. Then I gave him the speech about choosing to be angry or letting the negativity go. He could be happy or he could sit in the corner huffing and puffing and being angry even after everyone had apologized.

And then I walked away.

He came out of the room shortly thereafter and began talking and playing with the other boys like nothing was wrong.