I love my boys but they are noisy. Granted that’s what kids are supposed to be…

Most of the holiday season, I’ve had a quiet house, boys at their respective grandparents and all. Since New Year’s Eve, I’ve had three: the boy, the kid and the brother.

So for the past few days, I’ve had all three boys. And damn if they aren’t energetic and rowdy and loud.

Actually, I screwed up when booking the kid’s flight back to ATL so he’s going to be here a week longer than expected. The brother got into some trouble with my sister and she decided she’d had enough, tagged off to me, after I agreed to take him for the weekend; so it looks like he’ll be here for a while.

But today I was at my wits end and when we returned him after church, I sent the boy and the kid outside. Oh sure they complained about it being hot and whined about being bored and wanting to stay in the house. I wasn’t having that though…Hell, they’ll be lucky if I let them back in the house before dinner time.

I bet they’ll think twice about rough housing and talking all loud in my house for the next day or so. Especially if I remind them that they can go outside for that.

I don’t expect silence but I do expect them to use inside voices and not bounce off the walls. And if they want to play or talk all extra loud…

They can take that shit outside.