This morning I watched the presidential inauguration; the first I have ever bothered watching. For the most part I thought it was all pomp and circumstance, but there was definitely a sense of excitement about the new president being sworn in.

I keep thinking about the amount of pressure Obama must be feeling. So much of our hope for change has been projected onto him. I’ve even heard a few of my neighbors talking about how so much was going to change for blacks…

Its kinda sad that on the day Obama was elected, the passing of Prop. 8 cast a dark cloud over the celebration and this time, apparently, it is the stocks that continue to plummet…that and the unfortunate Kennedy seizure during the inaugural luncheon.

These are not the things I’ll remember though. I’ll remember the palpable excitement and anxiety…That moment when I thought I saw just a glimmer of nerves when Obama was making that walk towards the stage to give his oath. He was so cool though, focused…I saw it though, a slight glimmer of “Oh my GOD! This is it!”

Ask me if I remember what he said and I’d have to admit that I haven’t processed it all yet. I haven’t gotten past the inflections in his voice, the way Obama speaks with such sincerity…

Hope indeed.

In many ways I’m just waiting to see what shape Obama’s presidency will take. The problems he has inherited are massive and in my mind, practically insurmountable. This is the perfect environment for Obama to show what he’s got; do the job he was hired to do.

It seems so strange to think of it that way, as a job…truly it is one of the gig of a lifetime, but it is after all a job. The office is said to age people incredibly quickly. With so much work to do, it will be interesting to see what Obama looks like after his second term.

I want to see what he’s going to do, see how the American people respond to his leadership.

I am…hopeful.