I can’t believe Prop 8 actually passed! I’ve been so out of the loop as far as keeping up with the news that I got my election coverage from Ireland (via a phone call)…But when I got the text message from my sister asking me how I voted, I just assumed it had failed. Apparently folks are far more concerned about the personal lives of others than I expected.

And you can imagine my surprise when I reply to my sister’s text that I had voted against the proposition and she shoots back, “What’s up with that?”

I’m thinking duh…Isn’t it obvious?

Apparently it wasn’t to her. “Don’t you believe in marriage the way God intended?”

Oh wow…here we go…

I felt my anger rise at her bigotry, and even more so because I remember a time when she was tolerant, if not accepting of alternate lifestyles. Now she’s voting to write discrimination and hatred into the Constitution and getting angry at me for not doing the same?

She sent me some shit about the sanctity of marriage being under attack from “the enemy” (read: the devil) and that it had nothing to do with religeon but God.

While I do understand the distinction, my understanding of what God intends varies slightly from what so many, more indoctrinated Christians believe. I’ve read the Old Testament; the stories of waring tribes, the laundry list of ritual, tales of tragedy and hope…

I’ve read the New Testament…The gospels tell of a man who had fully embraced the God within and all of the power that came along with that, while encouraging others to do the same. He and his followers performed miracles, raised the dead, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind…but it was really about the faith…We could all do these things and greater if only we embraced the power of God within.

Jesus…this son of God – spirit made flesh – also refused to judge people. Well, that’s not completely true. He did toss a few tables and chairs in the temple in frustration with the clergy…But when those self-righteous busy bodies wanted his permission to stone an adulteress, he ignored them, instead doodling on the ground. When pressed, he challenged them to examine themselves first.

What does all of this matter? Because it’s about the compassion and love for others regardless of their lifestyle choices; regardless of whether or not you agreed or thought it was right in the eyes of God. And people, Christians, seem to forget this compassion in their quest to save the souls of the nations. Instead of focusing on their own lives, and being an example of God through the way they lead their lives, they wish instead to impose their doctrine and dogma on others.

Well, my vote against Prop 8 had nothing to do with being Christian. It had nothing to do with whether or not I agree with same sex marriages or the redefining of marriage. It was purely about freedom and compassion. It was about tolerance and acceptance.

What business is it of mine to deny two people the right of being legally married; of validating their love with a promise of forever? This kind of dedication to love does not erode my sense of commitment, it had no baring on my right to marry. The ads against the proposition talked about kids learning marriage in schools; a bogus scare tactic. Fear is the enemy, not the validation of love between two people.

The vote to pass this horrible discriminatory bill has chipped away at our collective freedoms, in favor of religious fear and bigotry. Way to go folks…

I’m truly disappointed…