Kids will ask for things when you take them to the store. And they love to touch.

The Boy is most likely to ask for things he’s sees in commercials than he is to ask for things when we’re in the store. It’s because I’ve trained him to know that I will not buy whatever is not on my list.

And I don’t budge.

Several years ago the Boy would ask for so many things whenever we went into any store. Mom can you get me this sweater? Mom can I get this hat? Mom can I get this plastic piece of crap toy that I’ll forget about after playing with it for all of a week?

Then I started giving him the speech: I have a list and I’m not getting anything that isn’t on the list. Don’t ask because the answer is no. Anytime he went to ask for something, I’d remind him that I had already answered the question.

Over time, I’ve noticed less asking. When he asks for stuff on the commercials, I laugh and joke about how suseptable he is to advertising. He laughs and jokes that there’s so much COOL STUFF. And then we forget about it.

Here’s the key though: If he wants something from the store, he asks before we go. If he wants me to buy popcicles or cereal bars, he asks when he sees me making the grocery list or prepping to go to the store. He’s gotten smart and undestands not to ask for plastic pieces of crap. He doesn’t often ask for junk and understands that if he wants something from the store, it has to be on my list.

And only pre-approved items go on the list.

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