Ever have so many things change all at once that you don’t know how to begin getting back to normalcy? That’s how I’m feeling right now.

Once I left the day job, I decided to take it easy. I knew I was going to eventually start looking for freelance projects, but I wanted to enjoy the sunshine and the freedom for a little while.

I started getting the itch to nest and since I now had the means, I got a few things to make my living and work space comfortable. With David’s arrival the nesting turned into a lingering domesticity as we settled into the experience of being together for an extended period of time.

Now, with the savings starting to dry up, it’s time to get the business going and cash flow coming in. And I’m not worried about making that happen, its just a matter of getting back to work and structuring my time appropriately.

But I feel like I’m coming out of a fog…the fog of too many weeks of indulging in leisure and taking advantage of my new freedom.

It’s like this sort of corporate Stockholm syndrome, where my natural instinct for independence and autonomy has been clouded by being an employee for so long and now I have to reprogram myself. Reprogram myself not to depend on a bi-monthly paycheck and to incorporate everything I’ve learned about starting and running a small business.

So here’s to shaking off the Stockholm syndrome and getting down to the business of starting a business.

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