I’ve been saying for a year now, that I want to learn to surf. The challenge is really, getting over the phobia of the dirty beach water.

But I recently moved to surf city. And I’m pretty sure I’ve only been to the beach twice. I thought it would be something I’d do more often. Life happens though, and the boys seem to prefer the pool, so I don’t push the issue.

Today, I went to Dana Point with a bunch of folks from my spiritual center. The water was clean, the waves were nice and someone handed me a boogie board.

And I rode wave after wave…until I was completely spent. And it was awesome! I swallowed salt water, had a few wipe outs, scraped my knee, got sand in my suit and kept going back for more. I didn’t stop until my body couldn’t take anymore.

Yeah, I’ll feel it in the morning. But I realized a few things.
1. I’m happier when I’m more active
2. I LOVE the beach, and…
3. I really enjoy boogie boarding

Honestly, today was so wonderful, I can’t even express the level of awesomeness I experienced.

Now I must go crash, for I am happy and exhausted.