I don’t read many fiction novels. I get my fill of reading done at work where I pretty much read all day, editing articles and keeping up with the latest business news and trends. It’s rare that I read for pleasure.

Then there was Claudia Hall Christian The Fey. I started on a Friday night and was finished by Sunday. I’m not a particularly fast reader, the book was just that engaging (read my review). So when Claudia offered me the chance to read part 2 in The Fey series, Learning to Stand, I knew there was bound to be more action and ass kicking by the heroine Alex “The Fey”.

Learning to Stand did not disappoint. Intrigue, romance and action…this book has it all. Alex endures real trauma over and over again and somehow manages to remain simultaneously vulnerable and powerful. Just as you’re wondering what more Alex can go through, another bomb explodes. It’s enough to make your heart ache wishing people would stop trying to kill the beloved femme fatal.

What I love most about Alex is that even when she’s not sure, and she wants to give up all hope, she finds some way to soldier on. Of course, this is largely thanks to her great friends, but its that imperfection…Alex’s fragility that makes her a great heroine. She’s every woman. She’s a survivor. She’s afraid. She’s uncertain. She’s broken. And she keeps fighting for love, for country, for her life and the lives of others.

From beginning to end you will be engrossed in Learning to Stand. Take it from this non-fiction reader anxiously waiting to read the final Alex “the Fey” saga. Read it online, or get the hard copy, which I recommend because you’ll probably want to read at a faster pace than the chapters are posted online.

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