I don’t know why I’m so excited about it. Just seems like a big deal to me. Considering that I started this blog a year and a half ago and I’m just now hitting the 100 post mark seems…a little strange right now. I mean…what did I start this blog for if not to make use of it?

And it seems that making use is paying off. Not just in increased readership (hey you folks out there in cyber world!) but in the increased commitment to regular posting. Writing every day isn’t an obligation or a chore, I actually enjoy it!

That really shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m a writer and I’ve always liked blogging. I suppose, we see the value of things when the time is right. And for me the timing couldn’t be better.

I’m glad that most of you find me interesting enough to subscribe. And for all of you who have never graced these pages before, subscribe to my feed will ya!

Until tomorrow…Cheers!