Beautiful city, great company what more can you ask for? It was busy for sure. Running around “live blogging” the event, making sure speakers had everything they needed…it was great.

Highlights: I met Susan Gunelius who I’ve known and worked with for nearly five years but met in person for the first time today. Having a friend from Twitter send someone on a search for me to give me a hug. Having drinks with other editors and getting to know each other. Meeting Bob Reiss, a beloved guest expert. Meeting Tim Berry, sweet columnist extraordinaire.

I must say that attending a conference three time zones away was much more fun than attending and sitting in a room with my leg propped on a chair (stupid bum knee). This year, I was in good health and even better spirits.

It was a rockin’ conference and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tomorrow, I travel back to SoCal. The hotel bed is unbelievably comfortable, but somehow, I think I’ll be happy to sleep in my own bed.