Last night I forgot to blog, mostly because I was watching lost but also because I was so worried about preparing to travel today. I’ve decided I’m not going to beat myself up about it though, the point is to be mindful of the need to write every day and so far I’ve been much more mindful in the last month than I was most of last year.


So I’m in Miami! Miami Beach to be specific (apparently they are two different cities). As much as I dislike the airport and getting stuck sitting in the middle and the smell of travel sticking to me, it’s worth it to be in a new place and spend time getting to know my co-workers, hanging with my friends (who are also co-workers).

It’s a lovely city with lots of diversity, beautiful beaches and palm trees everywhere. These palms are a different type than those in SoCal. And can you believe it was colder in Cali than in Miami Beach? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I was a little. We walked on the beach at 9:00pm and it was warm enough that we didn’t really need jackets.

The hotel is cute and historic. I thought the room was a little small at first then I thought to myself, what more do I need? There’s an amazingly comfortable King-sized bed, a desk, wireless internet a television a cute little bathroom, a walk-in closet and a city view.

Tomorrow we do the conference and supposedly there will be a mojito train. Maybe I’ll go for a ride. 😉