Today started off alright. I had a plan and everything was right on schedule, except for one thing. The schedule in my head was nearly 45 minutes off.

I arrived at the airport thinking I was right on time to get checked in for an 11:55 red eye to ATL only to find out that the flight was actually at 11:15 and we could not be checked in.

Fuckety fuck fuck fuck.

Epic traveling fail.

I nearly broke into tears right there at the check-in counter.

Instead I took a few deep breaths and asked the airline agent what I could do. He registered us for standby and told us to be back two hours early to check in. He showed the boys a hat trick and we were on our way.

I’ve set an alarm to wake me up in three hours from now. I haven’t used an alarm in over a decade.

For now, I’m going to try to clear my head so I can get three hours of sleep.