Today was one of those days. Not the kind you know you’re going to hate. Nor was it the kind of day you hope for at the end of the week.

It started out alright. I had a nice talk with a business consultant and got to the office early. The was a deadline looming and I was hoping I could knock it out and go home early to be with my boys. I was fooling myself. This project was massive and there were lots of tricky things in the preparation.

The project dragged on forever. I worked through lunch, and walked into the house to see my kitchen spilling over with dishes. I needed to get dinner on and help the kid with his science project before sending him home on Sunday.

I may have just left work but I was still working. I just wanted to sit down.

But I couldn’t.

The kid offered to wash the dishes but gave up after only completed half. So set him to work on his science project while I got dinner on. It’s just that he needed help. I didn’t have any notebook paper and he was having trouble organizing his report.

So I had to sit down and walk him through it, while he complained about being hungry. We did however work through his whining to get his assignment done, I got dinner on, cleaned the kitchen and by the end of it I was in a crappy mood.

And I forgot to do my baby step for the day. *sigh*

Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day.