I dropped him off att he airport yesterday. It was hard to drive away. The last two weeks I was on such a love high…The whole thing felt like a beautiful dream. Balloon rides, wine tasting, walking on the beach, sleeping in the same bed…

The next few days will be about distracting myself so I don’t slip into sadness over his departure. I want him to be here, but I also know that if we just let things develop as they develop, our relationship will be happy and healthy. I don’t want a fairytale, I just don’t want to rush anything. I’ve been there and done that. This feels so good and so right, I don’t mind taking my time.

Who knows…We might end up together for the long haul. So whats a little distance until we get things sorted out.

For now, I send my love to him through the ether.

I love you David. Thank you for making me believe again.