So I know, long periods of time go by when I don’t post anything. It’s just that I get so busy and I forget that 1) I wrote down this goal that I really want to accomplish and I have this blog (two of them actually) that is part of that those goals…and then one day I’m like oh no I forgot all about my blog!

But I’m here.

Living the life.

What life is that, you may ask.

The life of a single mother, author, friend, lover, mother, aunt, cousin, caretaker, counselor…I wear quite a few hats…sometimes it’s exhausting.

I mean, such is life though…right?

The go go go, the wait wait wait, the cycles of transformation, transition and growth.

I’ve been between transitions for a while now. Sort of this mucky area where my vision is a little blurred and I have this idea about the next level but I’m not really clear where to place my foot in this climb to the top of the mountain.

But life keeps rolling on. It doesn’t matter that we’re unclear.

Funny because my theme, the word I was supposed to keep in mind all year was clarity. I need to be clear about my intentions, deliberate about everything I do, clear about my goals…Hard to do when you feel like you have no idea where you’re going.

I’ve been here before and I always move past it. The quiet before something stormy followed by something great. Such is the cycle of life. Up and down, spinning ’round, dodging fast balls and learning to catch them with one hand and throw it back.