I hadn’t seen any previews or anything, just went to Hulu one day and saw a “Dollhouse” front page feature. I recognized the star, Eliza Dushku, and though I had never been impressed with her talent, I decided to watch.

The story orbited around this Dollhouse active “Echo” who was apparently the best. She’s super adaptable and no matter what type of engagement they send her on, she does even better than expected.

Meanwhile there’s an FBI agent getting tips about this very active, tips which make him fixate on this girl and treat her being a “doll” – as the actives were called – like a missing persons case.

Though predictable at times, the show did eventually begin to build momentum. However, after the first few episodes I bored of this neat little package and began longing for the show to evolve faster and become more complicated. I’m sure other people felt the same way, which is why they forgot about the show and ultimately, why it was canceled.

There was something about it that I liked. I watched 10 episodes of the show because I was waiting for the sub-plots to kick in, knowing that it was more complicated than its start. Knowing that I waited, thinking all the while that this show could turn out to be really good.

As the last three episodes built to the finale, I was given confirmation. The show got all tangled and while it remained pretty predictable, as the story line became more entangled, that predictability would have given way to a very complicated and thrilling drama.

Why couldn’t they just let it be that from the beginning?!

Note to the people who created, produced and ultimately decided on letting the show evolve so slowly: People like complicated television. Look at the “Lost” phenomenon. They like suspense and stuff that engages their brain in trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

This is what Dollhouse should have been billed as. A puzzle to be solved. Unfortunately the progression didn’t happen before the show was canceled and it even began to show its bones. Oh well…another one bites the dust, only to be replaced with more vapid reality programming.

Good job guys.