I know, I know…you’re probably wondering what happened to the daily spirit work posts…well. I haven’t forgotten, and I am still doing the assignment, but I have had other things to blog about for the last couple of days. I’ve still kept up with my daily blogging, so give me a break. 😉

For instance, I’d like to take this moment to totally muse about my boyfriend. OMG! I’m blogging about my boyfriend, what’s wrong with me?!

This deserves acknowledging. And hell, this is a personal blog anyway… 😛

A few months back I talked about falling in love and struggling with the distance of the long distance romance, but ultimately, this relationship seems to be the healthiest I’ve ever been in.

And who is this man? Why he’s The Mad Carpenter of course!

I suppose I should get to the point…what inspired this gushing about my boyfriend?

This morning I received a wake up call from him, telling me to log onto my computer and check his blog. When I did, I found this. What a lovely way to wake up; to a romantic gesture and beautiful tribute to me and the gift I sent him for his birthday.

Despite the sickness I feel creeping up on me (I know, WTF?!) and the accompanying fatigue I’ve felt all week, I started the day with a spring in my step and all seemed right with the world. The fog might have been thick and the smog sticking to the mountain peaks off in the distance, but I don’t care because I have love. Real love.

He may be mad, but he is madly in love with me and if feels good to be reverenced in such a way. I haven’t felt so special in a very long time.

I truly believe ours is the type of romance every girl dreams of…I just never thought it would happen to me.