Love_Notes_by_maina The yearning grows deeper over time
He pours his heart into my soul
Feeding my energy addiction
As I siphon what he gives willingly
Drinking in his love
Basking in euphoria

He leaves a trail for me to follow
Evidence of his love
Pieces to sustain me in his absence
When off he disappears
A ghost in the wind
His voice echoes in my head

He’ll return soon
But for now I pull together the puzzle
Grasping at the threads
Comforted by transcripts
As the sound begins to fade
I start to feel the pang

It doesn’t take long
Before the fibers begin to wear
His absence a short eternity
My craving grows stronger
Each minute a tiny forever
Grasping, grasping…

The cosmos send his love
To me on a zephyr
A warm embrace
Wrapped in his heart
I sleep dreaming of his face
His touch, his voice…