This last week and a half has been interesting. I say interesting because I’ve been productive, relaxed and well received by the Boy.

I’m always talking about how my life has changed and the truth is that life is always changing and shifting. Still the magnitude of change for me, after my life having been fairly stagnant for the better part of a decade, has astounded me. I won’t recount everything that’s happened over the last few years (again). What I will say is that life in motion is so much more fun than life in pause.

Which brings me to a few more changes that are impending. Some of these changes are already in the works, while others are just ponderances of possibility.

What possibility am I pondering? The possibility of becoming a health and fitness professional. I suppose submitting an application for a yoga teacher training program is a little more than pondering, but it felt right. Because what better way could I find to incorporate fitness into my life than to teach fitness to others?

There’s this voice in my head that keeps saying I’m not fit enough to teach fitness to others. But that voice is a lie and as I submitted my application, answering the questions designed to gage my desire to become a yoga instructor, I had this feeling of excitement. It was excitement about the possibility of entering yet another new phase of life and not knowing what’s on the other side of the open door. Excitement about taking a leap of faith.

And why shouldn’t I make that leap? This is what the life in motion is all about. Who knows? Maybe life will continue to reward my leaps with positive return and more possibilities to ponder.

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