I’ve felt like my life was in transition for so long, I’m starting to feel like the transition is life. Over the course of four years I went from married to divorced; working from home for a small online publisher to being an editor on the website of a national publication; eating take-out almost every day to making most meals and encouraging others to do the same; feeling lonely and depressed to a ramped up the activity level and living a healthy happy life.

I won’t pretend any of this has been easy. And I think about it all the time because it still feels new. Even money doesn’t seem so stressful anymore. Of course…I’m working two jobs, but I have to say it ain’t so bad.

It feels good to see the life I want unfolding before my eyes. I’m also realizing that I was expecting this to happen 5 years ago. To feel financial stability and excitement about every day. And I still have a long way to go, the vision expanding as life goes on.

Don’t get me wrong. Every day is not easy. But I’ve learned that there really isn’t much I can’t handle. I can see the growth in wisdom that could only be gained with age. Even when sometimes I feel like my support system is impossibly spread out, I know they are there and I can always call on them when I need them.

So what’s not to be happy about? Life is good.