It’s silly, I think, that so many are buzzing about the fail that was the new Gap logo. Personally, I could care less about the logo. And aside from the fact that the logo, SUCKED, I wonder, what difference it makes. When the Gap decided to jump on the lifestyle brand bandwagon 10 years ago, the brand lost its identity.

Let’s think about it. The Gap used to be the go-to place for wardrobe basics. Comfy sweaters and khaki cargos; bright colored scarfs and a line of jeans to rival Levi’s (I always preferred Gap jeans). While I still think Gap jeans are still very affordable and made to fit a wide range of body types, the quality is seriously lacking. And where, pray tell, are the cute Pea Coats with the colorful lining? Where are the Oscar worthy T’s and casual dresses meant to be lived in?

Perhaps the real reason the Gap is in trouble, has very little to do with what’s on the outside, and everything to do with what’s on the inside. No amount of logo changes will improve the quality of Gap jeans, which I remember lasting for years, but now I’d be surprised if they lasted ONE year. Sure tees for layering is great, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to pay $25 for a T-shirt so thin its see through and deteriorate quickly in the wash.

I get it. Being the basics brand is a challenge because everyone wants to be a fashionista. Thing is, if you’re the last pillar of everything basic, while everyone else is trying to sell their lifestyle brands and runway knockoffs, you are the last place people can get (hopefully) durable, every day wear. If I need a suit, I’m going Banana Republic or Jones NY Co. But if I want a comfy cardigan, I want to go to the Gap and know that they’ll have one, and perhaps in a rainbow of colors. Or maybe a beautiful cable-knit sweater…

Good luck. Have you been into the Gap recently? Its pretty hard to find something so basic and so simple. So where do you go? Somewhere else. And when the jeans don’t hold up to snuff, you go somewhere else too. And then you’ve got Gap loyalists like myself jumping ship.

And they’re worried about their logo. Talk about screwed priorities.