As you can tell from my absence, I’ve been out doing stuff. Haven’t been back boogie boarding yet…I kinda gotta get a boogie board. But I’ve been out and about, living life instead of watching it pass me by.

So today I took The Boy to the Long Beach Street Food Festival where a bunch of gormet food trucks gathered for some hungry folks. I pre-paid and got there early. I wanted to go to yoga, but I also didn’t want to spend all day in line, instead of eating.

We arrived just as they started letting people in. I wanted to look around a little, but I could tell I needed to decide what I wanted to try before the lines got out of control. We started with Knock Out Taco. The blackened shrimp set my mouth on fire and the Con Carne was seasoned beautifully. I ordered Lumpia from the Manila Machine but the fryer wasn’t on yet, so I told them I’d be back and jumped in line for the Grilled Cheese Truck.

Aside from having to wait in line FOR AN HOUR, the grilled cheese was freaking fantastic. The boy and I both got Grilled Mac n’ Cheese; his with just the basics, mine fully loaded. I know it sounds crazy. I was skeptical too. But The Boy insisted that he wanted a Grilled Mac n’ Cheese. So thats what we had.

The lumpia from the Manila Machine was great to top of the savory before we moved on to the sweet. And the tropical shaved ice was the perfect refreshing desert on a hot afternoon.

The Boy really did enjoy that Grilled Mac n’ Cheese. And I enjoyed his company. A great time was had by all.