I wish I had the flexibility and freedom to just say fuckitall.

Nothing in particular, just feeling the weight of life and the daily grind on my shoulders. I want to fire my boss and my best friend. I want to drop the boy off with his dad and leave him there indefinitely. I want to get rid of the damn cats. I want to snuggle under my covers and cry.

Precisely what I don’t need to do, since nothing’s wrong.

Life is good. And yet, some days I just don’t feel it.

Thing is…I’m kinda tired.

Tired of not having enough while working my ass off. Feeling a little discouraged as I continue searching for freelance gigs and not much seems to be happening. I’m confused because dammit I’m a good editor and writer. But hell, there are lots of hungry writers out there, so the competition is tough.

How’s this for inspiration?

Tomorrow is another day.