Up early for yoga. I even let the boy try the class. I think 30 minutes is good for a 7-year-old. Even the instructor had to admit it had been a tough class. But we all left feeling stronger and energized.

I invited a friend over for breakfast and went home to whip it up. Potatoes, bacon, sausage and eggs. It was goooooood. After my friend left I settled in to watch “Lost” but it ended up watching me. A few hours later, my friend hit me up again, inviting me over for a swim (I love how just last week it was pouring and we were actually having weather in California. But today it was sunny, blue skies and warm enough for a night swim). So I went over. And swam a 500.

It’s nice to have a friend close to work out with and just swim in her pool. Afterward, we sat and talked in the jacuzzi.

Here’s the thing. I went from nothing to three or four-times a week exercising. And I love it! I know once my two months are up, I’ll probably work out fewer days a week but I’m going to use this time like hell week when I used to swim. We’d work really hard the first couple weeks and then we’d get into our routine.

I also remember feeling like I didn’t have any friends. Now, I’m starting to accept that I enjoy being active and I like being social.

I almost feel guilty saying that. But it’s how I feel and I want to own it.

Oh. Next week I’ll be blogging from Miami Beach for Entrepreneur’s Growth 2.0 conference. Last year’s conference went down as one of the hardest days of my life this year there is the promise of fun, adventure and mischief.

I’m excited.

Life is good.