Tonight was the night to catch up with a close friend and discuss our visions for the year. Last year at this time I was really into this idea of clarity. I was on fire. The only problem is that my vision was unclear. I was grasping for clarity, and that clarity only came recently.

And I just realized it tonight.

It was easy for me to outline my goals. Not just goals for this year, but sort of a vision for what I see in the next two or three years. I grabbed a piece of paper and actually saw a plan.

It was a proud accomplishment after the stark realization that my long term goals had become short term goals and then I had accomplished what I had set out to do. It’s scary to be a goal driven person and suddenly realize that you have no goal.

So I had to come up with some goals.

Not because I needed to be doing something but because while I had accomplished my goals, my vision for my life wasn’t actualized. I knew there was more work to do.

I started asking myself: what’s next?

And tonight, I had clarity. About my health, educational, career and creative future. I wrote it down and made it plain. I made the goals measurable and attainable. I even gave myself deadlines for things needing deadlines.

A year ago this was a slog but tonight it was a breeze.

Maybe it was time for me to be clear about my goals this year.