I’m tired. I’ve spent the last five days sorting through nearly a decade of my life and now I’m just tired. Emotionally, drained and simulteneously liberated. Excited and anxious…

I guess I should slow down a little…

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a new place to live. There were several instances of premature excitement followed by subsequent disappointment, but this time its real. I found a flat closer to work, in a quiet little neighborhood in the OC (rolls eyes), with good schools, a fireplace, walk through closet, brand new carpet, paint, counters…everything. Its perfect.

But moving means having to pack; having to go through all the stuff I’ve accumulated for the eight years I’ve been in my current apartment. It’s a sort of deciding what baggage to take with me and what to leave behind. To be honest, I wanted to leave behind as much as possible because with all this transition, there must be something truly wonderful on the horizon. If I take too much baggage with me, I won’t have room.

So the clutter has been cleared and everything pretty much ready to be hauled away. Tomorrow begins a new adventure, a new chapter of my life, if you will. A step further closer to the manifestation of my developing prosperity consciousness. It is indeed a beautiful thing to understand what the bible means when it says, “I wish you would be in good health and prosper as your soul prospers.”

And that is exactly how I feel. As though I am prospering as my soul prospers. There was a time when my phone number changed every few months. Today I have the same cell phone number I have had for just over four years. I have been saving and paying down dept…becoming financially responsible and I am starting to see the rewards of such stewardship.

Tomorrow I move. It is as literal as it is symbolic; a fresh start, a new beginning. I’m a mash of emotions, but one this is certain: I’m going to be sleeping in my new room tomorrow. And what a beautiful sleep it will be.