My mother never was good at doing hair, which was rather unfortunate since she had three girls with full heads of thick, wavy hair. I remember going to the salon at least a few times a year, but as I got older, the responsibility for doing the hair gradually became mine.

And by virtue of wanting my sisters and myself to look presentable, I actually became quite adept at hair styling. So much so in fact that I still only go to the salon a few times a year for a cut, the rest of the time maintaining it myself.

Over the years I’ve learned that while technique counts for a lot, there is nothing like the magic of the right combination of hair products.

And on today’s hair styling menu:
John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette – Shampoo & Conditioner
Some special formula that boosts highlights (natural or otherwise) and makes hair shiny and soft. There’s also a formula for blond and red hair. Its inexpensive ($5 per 9oz. shampoo or conditioner).

Nexus Humectress Conditioner
Makes thick wavy hair soft and manageable. Excellent for curly hair or hair that needs a little shot of moisture to bring it back to life.

Nexus Hair Protection Styling Spray
Awesome spray that protects hair from heat damage. Today was a veritable heat blitzkrieg, what with the high heat blow dryer, and three different iron for straightening. Not quite this extensive, but this gives you an idea of what I’m working with. My hair needed protection to reduce frizz and fly aways.

TIGI “Self Absorbed” Shampoo
Some sort of protein enriched formula to make hair strong. It smells great and my hair seems to love it. I also recommend “Moisture Maniac ” and the “Catwalk” curl boosting collections as well.

I know it seems like a lot of products but if you’ve ever been to a really good stylist, they always seem to be mixing and matching things; lathering and rinsing 6 or seven times. One thing I’ve learned is that for best results when straightening my hair is that it has to be super clean; squeaky clean. So I say depending on how thick your hair is, two shampoos minimum for straight styling. To check for a squeak (yes I was serious about squeaky clean), press thumb into hair and slide against hair, if you don’t hear a squeak, you need to wash again.

I won’t go through the entire process of washing and styling my hair, but here is the end result.



Unfortunately you don’t get the benefit of seeing it in the sun. It’s light, soft,healthy and looking just as good as it did when I left the shop a month ago (shhhh…don’t  tell my stylist I said so).