Grrrr! I was exhausted last night and while I didn’t feel like writing, I was totally going to do it anyway…and then my internet connection went down and I gave up. Hopefully you’ll forgive me the lapse…

Catching up though, yesterday’s word was awareness, the experience of which was kind of double sided. On the one hand, I was very aware that I was especially, head-turningly fly yesterday…on the other hand the incident from Monday came back to haunt me. I was forced again to be aware of how making stupid mistakes can have a bigger affect that you ever anticipate. Aware of the fact that while I was told to drop it, obviously I had hurt my co-worker much more than she was willing to admit to me at the time. Humility became my best friend and for the first time in a very long time, I felt regret.

Today’s word is restfulness. I soooooooo want to experience, express and enjoy getting restful sleep tonight…breezing through my day in a restful manner. Actually, since I have worked so far ahead, my work load is not too crazy for the next couple days. Perhaps the lunch by the pool with my co-workers this afternoon will be relaxing…who knows.

Whatever happens today, I’m going to bed early and if anyone wakes me in the middle of the night, they’re getting yelled on.

Dammit I’m sleeping!