Oooops! Missed posting yesterday’s Triple “E” homework…I did however do it. So today, I’ll post both yesterday’s and today’s words. I was far too sleep deprived yesterday to function in the morning…

I had a strange dream on Tuesday night that kept me up past my bedtime and when I woke Wednesday, the word “anticipation” popped into my head. So anticipation was the word for the day. I won’t tell you how I expressed, experienced and enjoyed anticipation, but please trust that I did all three. 😉

Today’s word is revelation. Goes great with my clarity theme for the year, right? Indeed. Revelation is how clarity can be obtained. So today, I am expressing, experiencing and enjoying revelation.

Funnily enough, my previous post today came as part of a wonderful revelation of a surprise. I also realized that I am not reading enough news and that I need to do more reading to be a better editor. I won’t beat myself up about what brought that revelation on, but it will improve my performance for sure.

I look forward to other ways to either reveal things or have them revealed throughout the day.